Without Dr. Thomas’ expertise and caring, I would still be in a wheelchair. I had back surgery in 2010, but it did not solve my problem. I was still experiencing severe pain; my pain level was 10+. Because of the severe pain in my leg and back, I could not lay down to sleep. For four months, I had to sit up in a chair while sleeping. My legs were swollen with water retention. Out of desperation, I flew from my home in California to Erie to see Dr. Thomas. He gave me an epidural that got rid of the pain and also diagnosed my problem. Dr. Thomas sent me to an orthopedic surgeon in Pittsburgh, PA. The surgery has increased my mobility and lowered my pain level. Without Dr. Thomas’ expertise, dedication and caring, I can’t imagine what my life would be like now. Saying “THANK YOU” is not enough and never will be.

Louise, Escondido, CA