Z-12 Knee Brace

Weighing in at 14 oz, the Z-12 brace is one of the lightest on the market. The low-profile Z-12 has a prefabricated magnesium frame and is for patients requiring support and low stability following ligament injuries. The Z-12 is not recommended for contact sports.

  • Knee ligament injuries/deficiencies
  • Meniscal instabilities
  • Prophylactic
  • Pivoting gastroc strap design helps minimize brace migration
  • Quick-release buckles ease application
  • Low-Profile and lightweight


Designed to assist in the relief of minor knee pain commonly associated with Arthritis, Tendinitis, and Chondromalacia by placing gentle pressure along the medial and lateral soft tissues of the knee. As the joint moves, the gaurd gently applies pressure to the joint liner and patellar tendon and assists in the relief of minor knee pain, soreness, stiffness and inflamation. By stabilizing the inferior pole of the patella, KneeIt also may improve patellar tracking. Can be worn on the left or right knee, one size fit most. Also available in Magnetic version.