Wee Bow Post-OP

  • Locked of limited motion control of the elbow during rehabilitation, after operative procedures or injury to the elbow
  • Malleable arm cuffs allow for adjustability and improved fit
  • Ligament injuries of the elbow (UCL, RCL, Annular Ligament)
  • Strains and sprains
  • Universal sizing
  • Telescoping bars adjust from 10.25-12.25 inches
  • Full range-of-motion hinged adjustable form 10-110 degrees

Pediatric CAM Walker MiniTrax

Only pediatric walking boot to feature kid-friendly design elements that make wearing a boot less intimidating. Beneath the fun exterior though, the MiniTrax is a serious boot with big benefits. Lightweight design includes anatomically shaped plastic uprights that help to facilitate a better fit. Easy to apply and adjust with a simple strapping and liner system. Low-profile rocker sole of the MiniTrax features a durable, non-slip tread tough enough to withstand the test of time and a kid.