Many people with leg pain turn to Tri-State Pain Institute in Erie, Pa., for advanced treatment and proven relief.

While leg pain is common after an injury, it also may occur because of medical conditions or nontraumatic reasons. Our pain experts work with you to identify the cause of the pain and then develop a conservative, but comprehensive treatment plan.

Some common causes of leg pain include:

  • Injury or inflammation of structures in the leg, such as bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves and even skin.
  • Lower back ailments that generate pain and numbness of the leg.
  • System-wide diseases like diabetes which can cause nerve or artery damage.

Often, leg pain comes on gradually and patients wait to seek medical attention until the pain begins to interfere with their daily lives. When leg pain begins suddenly, however, it is a cause for concern and you should seek medical care immediately. This is especially true if the leg is warm and swollen or if the leg is pale and cool.