For chronic pain management following surgery, many people trust Tri-State Pain Institute in Erie, Pa.

At the Pain Institute, our pain experts encourage you to take an active role in making choices about your pain treatment after discharge from the hospital. While you can expect to have some pain after your surgery, we can help to safely lessen your pain.

Post surgery pain management may help speed your recovery as well as reduce your risk of certain complications after surgery, such as pneumonia and blood clots. If your pain is well controlled, you will be better able to return to the activities you enjoy most.

Keep in mind that the site of your procedure often is not the area of pain after surgery. Common post surgery pain problems include:

  • Movement pain: Sitting up, walking and coughing are all important activities after surgery, but they may cause increased pain at or around the incision site.
  • Muscle pain: From lying on the operating table post surgery patients often experience muscle pain in the neck, shoulders, back or chest.
  • Throat pain: Your throat may feel sore or scratchy.