More and more patients are finding relief from pain with spinal chord stimulator implants from Tri-State Pain Institute in Erie, Pa.

A small device similar to a pacemaker, the spinal chord stimulator helps to reduce pain signals before they reach the brain. The device is implanted in the body and delivers electrical pulses to the spinal cord, helping patients better manage chronic pain symptoms and decrease dependence on medications.

At Tri-State Pain Institute, we often suggest the option of a spinal chord stimulator implant for patients suffering from chronic back, leg or arm pain. While an implant does not eliminate the source of the pain, even a small reduction in perceived pain may help you return to daily activities or reduce the amount of medication you take.

If you are a candidate for a spinal chord stimulator, we perform a three-day trial stimulation before the device is permanently implanted. If successful, we then can permanently implant the device.