If you’re suffering from headache pain more than 15 days per month, most doctors would agree that you’re experiencing chronic headache pain. You’re not alone. In fact, approximately 45 million people in the United States suffer from severe headaches.

While no headache pain expert can guarantee a “cure,” the pain managements specialists at Tri-State Pain Institute have the training and experience to best diagnose and treat your headache pain.

When To Seek Help

Is your pain “normal” or does it require more serious attention? Each type of headache has its own characteristics and some may need to be treated in a specific manner. Consider if any of the following apply to you:

Diagnosing Your Headache Pain

To understand how to treat your headache pain, the Pain Institute’s pain experts need to learn specifics about you and your medical history, including:

Remember, success may not come overnight. Clinically comprehensive treatment, from initial consultations through comprehensive evaluations and complete implementation, could take a number of hours and clinic visits. This highly individualized approach has only one goal in mind: to determine the cause of your headache pain and give you a plan to help prevent and manage it.

Your Headache Pain Treatment

Because of the complexity of headaches, more than one treatment is often recommended. Each person’s headache has its own characteristics and may be treated in a different way. Your customized plan might include different medications, relaxation techniques including biofeedback and physical therapy. The pain experts at Tri-State Pain Institute also may recommend diet or exercise changes or other lifestyle alterations as part of your comprehensive treatment plan.